Trays & Reservoirs


Why do I need a tray to grow hydroponically?

A flood table or tray enables you to contain your nutrient solution and plants in an automated flood and drain type system, also utilizing a pump timer and reservoir.

Which Active Aqua equipment would I need to set up my flood and drain system?

Tray, reservoir, submersible pump ,timer, conical drill bit, ebb and flow kit (contains riser, tubing, bulkhead fitting, screen)

Which media are best to use in flood tables?

All types of media are okay, common media used are rockwool , clay pebbles, coco coir, and other soilless media like perlite.

How will a tray stand help me?

It is necessary to have a tray stand hold up the weight of your tray and keep it at a high enough level above your reservoir. That allows you to work underneath your tray.

Why do I need a reservoir for my hydroponic set up?

To hold nutrient solution and water needed to feed and water your plants.

How do I know which size reservoir to use?

It should correlate with the size of your tray. For flood and drain for example, a 2x2 tray would use a 25 gallon reservoir.

Do I need a reservoir cover?

Not required but recommended, as it reduces evaporation and prevents algae growth.

Do I need a white flood tray cover?

Also recommended, as it reflects light to minimize heat build up.

How often should I clean out my reservoir?

It is highly recommended that you clean your reservoir twice during the plant growth cycle.